Welcome to my site! I’m an author and mother of two small boys. I will be posting about kids, pregnancy, and childbirth. All the fun stuff. I’ll also talk about working from home with small children. Cause let’s face it. This is really freaking hard. Right now there’s a sink full of dishes calling to me trying to destroy my focus. You might wonder why I didn’t just do the dishes before I sat down. Well, because I would have done the dishes, then noticed that the bathroom needs to be wiped down, followed by how desperately the floors need to be vacuumed and mopped and then the three baskets of laundry that need folding and the four loads that need to be washed and now can because I emptied the baskets and then the dogs would be desperate to play ball and they’ve been calm all morning so I go out and while I’m out there I see that I need to pick up poo cause someone has not been pooping in the woods and then the flowerbeds need to be weeded. By the time I get inside I’m too exhausted to have any kind of creative power and flop on the couch where I stare blankly at the TV(which is not on) until the kids tell me they’re hungry. After lunch the work on their school books and then we all take a nap. I get up, make dinner for the husband who works so hard and spend a little bit of time with him before we all go to bed. I didn’t even mention all the times the kids interrupt me for food, water, to use the bathroom or just to get some attention. So it’s now or never.