Kung Fu: Good For The Body And The Soul

One of my favorite pastimes is Kung Fu. I wish I could make it more of a life style even. With the kids and family life I don’t get to go to classes nearly as much as I would like to. Basically I do what I can, which currently is once a month. I have recently though made a point to practice at home because poor Sifu Vinny has had to re-teach me everything pretty much every time I do get to class.

Today I am trying to prepare for my brother’s baby shower. For reasons I will keep to myself, I was angry I could not focus. Generally when I find an obstacle in my way I simply search until I figure out how to get around it or over it or through it. Today I was so focused on the cause of it, I could barely think of a solution. It’s not like I had a whole lot of time either, the baby shower is tomorrow. I needed to figure it out yesterday. (For the record I thought I had figured it out yesterday but then I watched the weather) So anyway I tried thinking positively and burning a happy scented candle, both things that usually bare success, nothing. The last time I got like this I ended up drinking a beer to get out of my head. Not the best plan when you have alcoholics in your family. My best friend Sara, dutifully told me I needed to find a better way to escape my mind. I knew she was right and today, I found it.

As I was baking the cake for the baby shower, which needs to be made with love as all you bakers know, I couldn’t shake the anger. So I thought alright, that’s it. Just stop what you are doing and go outside for a bit. I did and after throwing the ball for Ruby a few times till Logan got the hang of it I found myself thinking about my Kung Fu class the day before. So I started doing One Pinion. For those of who don’t know, One Pinion is a series of movements as opposed to a self-defense technique which is usually a block and a counter attack. After I did that I did Two Pinion and One Kata, then my self-defense techniques and finally blocks. By the time I was done and walking inside I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. I thought of several ways around this obstacle and now I can focus enough to get this done.

The moral of the story? When life throws you lemons, kung fu those nasty little buggers into lemonade and drink up. The next time I’m stressed I will be looking for a place to practice not a beer and that is worth more than I can express.