The Best BBQ Ribs You Will EVER TASTE!

So I am a young mother of two quite small children so when it comes to dinner easier is better right? RIGHT! So when my mother in all her wisdom shared this with me I was over the moon.

I honestly do not know where my mom got the idea from, possibly one of those little recipe books but anyway, all you have to do is thaw the ribs. Preferably a pack of six or fewer that are already cut apart. Once they are completely thawed (and even if they are still a little bit frozen) throw them in the crock pot, that’s right, no grill necessary, with your favorite bbq sauce. Mine is Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory Brown Sugar, YUM!! Sweet Baby Ray’s comes in two sizes one is he normal size bottle but the one I use is twice the size. If your bbq sauce only comes in the regular bottle use two.

If you need to leave for the day and want them to be ready when you get home throw them in, in the morning on low. When you get home not only will you have delicious ribs when you get home but your home will smell amazing!

If you are home and don’t think to put them in until noon, like I did today, you are still in good shape! Just throw them in  on high this time. By dinner time they will be ready to go!

If you are a grill fanatic or just like the smoked flavor you can throw them on the grill for a few minutes before serving. Be careful though they are so juicy and amazing they tend to fall right off the bone when removed from the crock pot. You could try putting tin foil on the grill.


Please let me know how yours come out! I would also love to hear what your favorite BBQ sauce is. I plan to try making my own in the near future and would love some different flavors to try out!