Gus The Cat

We have two cats, they are brothers named Gus and General and yes I seem to have a problem with names starting with the same letter. If you don’t know my family we are Michael and Marissa. Our sons are Logan and Lucian or Locian and Lugan as I tend to pronounce them haha. We only have one dog for now and she is Ruby.

ANYWAY, we live across the street from an antique shop and the owners stopped in yesterday. As the woman made her way up the walk, Ruby being the valiant guard dog that she is barked and snarled like a champ. Until the woman reached the stoop, then she ran away so fast I seriously considered dog races in her future. As long as the store owner didn’t mind tagging along to scare her at the starting line.

Once the dog was out of view, she apologized and began to ask me about a tabby cat. General appeared from behind my leg and she pointed to him. “One that looks and awful lot like that?” I told her we did they were brothers. She then informed that Gus had become a regular at the shop and she wanted to make sure he had a home and was neutered as she let him the shop almost everyday. I have to say I am a bit relieved since he is always gone to know that he is just up at the shop and not out in the road or the woods out back. There has been a fox terrorizing the neighbors chickens and I have been worried ¬†about it finding my cats.