America, Your Insecurities Are Showing

For a very long time now it seems that we have been bombarded with negative opinions and rants, usually about something someone else did. I have been known to rant a little myself, about things that I believe to my very core. About common sense things that weren’t common to other people. For instance I believe that putting your newborn in bed with your eight and twelve-year-old for the night is not safe. There are perfectly safe ways to co-sleep. That is not among them. And a baby died because of it. As if that is not enough the baby’s sibling has to live with the guilt for the rest of their life. I would ask what they were thinking but they clearly were not.

What I am talking about right now however, are people getting mad about how other people are living. Choices they make in parenting (not dangerous choices but normal parenting, breastfeeding vs bottle those kinds of things) and religion or any walk of life really. Parenting and religion just stick out because people get so angry about them and they are such personal decisions.

What happened to live and let live? Why are people getting angry at mothers who decide to breastfeed or bottle feed? Why is it any of their business? Oh right, it’s NOT! Why are atheists so offended by people with faith? That one really gets me. They don’t want there to be a Nativity out in town around Christmas but they need a sign that says there is no god in front of the town hall. That was on the news a year or two ago and I was just blown out of the water by the hypocrisy of it never mind the stupidity. If you don’t believe that is fine and not wanting someone on your stoop preaching to you is fine. I personally find that can’t get mad at people of different religions who honestly believe they are going to save your eternal soul. I mean getting mad at them is like when Mr. Incredible gets sued for saving people. They are trying to save you and literally have your best interest at heart. So I can’t get mad at them. I don’t really listen to them either, I am of the turn out the lights and pretend you are not home persuasion personally.

I thought this was a free nation. I thought people were allowed to live as they saw fit here. Freedom of religion, the freedom to pursue happiness, freedom of speech. These are what we promise but as soon as you try to do anything you are attacked. If you bottle feed you are a bad mother, if you breastfeed you can’t feed your child in public for fear of someone yelling at you or kicking you out. And don’t tell me they just need to cover up either because plenty of people still have a problem with it. A friend of mine whose husband was in the Marines had a man complain when she fed her daughter in the airport. She was completely covered with a blanket even though it was extremely hot out, there was a mother who planned ahead and did everything she could, short of starving her child, to make everyone happy and she was still made to feel badly. On a slightly separate note if a baby is attached to a boob it’s a food source not a sex object, if you can’t figure that out you have bigger issues and should keep your mouth shut.

Once you get through the breast vs bottle stage then everyone is telling you, you need to send you child today care, they should be potty trained by now, you cannot homeschool, how could you send your child to public school?

Why do they care? Why can’t people just shut up? Or better yet be supportive! There’s a twist for you! Give being a community people want to be a part of a try? What I think it comes down to is other people’s insecurities. But again why do you care? If you wish you could send your kids to a better school but public school is all you can manage that is the best you can do for your child and that is fine! You do what you can. If you went t public school and think that is fine for your child that’s excellent. Go for it! Have fun. They are your kids, but when your sister in-law decides to homeschool because she believes it’s what is best for her kids and she is a stay at home mom anyway don’t try to make her feel bad or make points that are not even valid. Homeschooling and socialization do the research I dare you. That doesn’t mean that you should not ask questions, ask away start a conversation, a friendly conversation.

I am not saying don’t speak up for what you believe in, I am saying don’t judge other people’s beliefs. Don’t hate someone because they are gay or christian or black or white or a co-sleeper or a parent who lets their child “cry it out” Everyone is different and everyone needs to make their own decisions. Not to go all biblical on you or anything but Love Thy Neighbor, or for the atheists among you I will go Bambi on you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And loosen up please. Everyone is so serious like every situation is life or death. If the situation is life or death, please speak up even if they end up hating you for a little while sometimes it is necessary and almost always worth it. For the sake of scale, your friend putting their child in a car seat with their winter coat on could be a life or death situation, only fleece and blankets please! Fleece will not compress in the event of an accident. On the other end of the scale we have homeschool vs public school not life or death. Homeschool is not prison and public school is there to provide an education and is a perfect valid choice.

So this ended up as a bit of a rant. Ha ha. I just wish everyone was kind and accepting of one another and I know that is impossible but we can try anyway. At least be accepting of your family. As long as they are not endangering anyone or themselves and even then you should still be nice and approach the subject carefully so they come out of it thinking of change and not how much they hate you lol. Not really funny but you get the point. 🙂

Just noticed I have a ranting category haha

Ok there was a funny movie clip I wanted to attach to this but I can’t find one with that part of the movie, go figure. Anyway the movie is Hit & Run with Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell. There are several parts in the movie where a character will lash out at another and then proceed to apologize and say they were just embarrassed. The reason I wanted to add that is because it’s funny first of all but also because it’s true. Hit and Run is on Netflix and youtube though you may have to pay for it on youtube I do not know.


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