The Car

I hate cars. Let’s just be honest with each other right now. I mean, the Isuzu was amazing but we ran it into the ground by taking it up and down the east coast an insane number of times in the past four years. The poor thing is ready for pasture.

And our BRAND NEW (to us anyway) Dodge Neon now has computer problems. We have had it less than two months and it is parked in our drive way and go nowhere fast… or even slow. It goes NOWHERE. Not to school with  Mike which was it’s intended purpose, not with me to kung fu, nowhere. AND to add insult to injury, the dealership will not even help us. Not even a discount on the repairs. I’m not going to lie I didn’t expect much from them but I thought they would at least pretend to care that they sold us what could turn out to be a lemon. SO in a bold effort to change our car situation I am going to stop complaining on here and go write a novel, the first in a trilogy, that will hopefully land me enough money to buy a half decent car and maybe a down payment on a house. What can I say I dream big.

I will see you all later and hope you all have working vehicles and are happy and health. 🙂


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