Potty Training Part 1 of How Ever Many Posts It Takes

The first and most important rule of potty training is… are you ready for this? Don’t force them. They will resist and it won’t get you there any faster. Now, here are the ways to encourage potty training without forcing it that I have heard/tried. We have a potty chart on the Fridge, every time Logan goes to the bathroom he gets a cars sticker to put on the chart. There is exactly one sticker on that chart. To think, I was worried about running out of stickers.

I also tried something my aunt, a day care employee for many years, suggested. Put him in underwear for a week. There will be a lot of accidents but by the end of the week he will have it. I ran into two problems with this. First I did not buy enough underwear for him. Second and this is my problem, when we went out I put a diaper on him because I didn’t want him to have an accident in the car or in a store. After two weeks of sort of trying this I thought that once he had a “dirty” accident in his underwear we would be home free cause he would not like it. Well he didn’t like it but he still will not use the potty.

Logan’s potty issue is also a little bit worse because his well-meaning grand father, Boppy as Logan calls him, put Logan on the adult potty without a kid seat or anything and scared the crap out of him only not literally. So now he has a fear of the potty and I don’t even think he remembers why. So if you are looking at potty training your child I say give those two a shot and keep grandpa out of it.

I’m not sure what to try next. The one sticker on our fridge is because he got to have a reeses cup when he was done. I am hopeful for the near future because he started talking about the potty again.

Ok so after the “scary” incident, I bought him a cars themed toilet seat that goes on the regular toilet and a stool and I found the kid potty we had already. None of these really helped. He uses the stool to wash his hands which is nice unless he floods the bathroom. He also uses it to get things on the counter he is not supposed to have.

I think since we are in quarantine anyway I will give the “put underwear on him for a week” thing again. Here’s to hoping it works! Maybe by this time next week Logan will be on his way to being potty trained!


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