Gotta Love When You Try To Plan Ahead

It never fails. If you use your skills from science class and pay attention and try to use what you have observed to help better the outcome, your kid will laugh in the face of science and make you forever doubt your abilities of observation.

If you want the kids to sleep well, you keep them active and maybe let them stay up a half hour later than normal. The result? They wake up twenty times during the night and are up for the day at least an hour earlier than normal.

You think, oh the baby is tired if I get him to bed by three he will wake up for dinner and play before bed. Perfect! Wrong again! The baby stays asleep until 3 or 4am then you can’t get him back to sleep.

Make sure your toddler has a good dinner before sleep so he wont wake up screaming for mike at 1am and he gets up at 11pm instead. And then again at 1am as usual.

It doesn’t just happen with sleep either. You feed your child before a long trip and somehow they are starving about half an hour before you reach your destination. And by starving I mean screaming about food. I don’t actually let my kids starve.

The moral of the story. Kids are unpredictable little buggers. So don’t get frustrated when you think you are finally catching on to the pattern and it changes.


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