I Found A Suspicious Beetle In The Kitchen

I realize for most people this is not a big deal. Here is my problem, and I am desperately trying  not to hyperventilate as I type this, the beetle looked very similar to a german cockroach. Again a lot of people are probably saying so what? Kill it a move on. Well it is dead, and now I have spent that last twenty minutes scrubbing the kitchen. Once I was done I sat done to look up cockroaches.

I have seen more than my fair share of these little buggers. We lived in a low rent apartment complex that was filled to bursting with them in NC. It was terrible and the exterminator? That guy was special. He would sit in the parking lot and wait until you left then knock on your door and leave you a note that you were out when he got to your apartment. So that helped the situation. It got to the point where I could not eat or sleep. I would stay up all night clutching a can of roach killer. When the sun came up I would sleep for a very short period of time in our bed room. We kept it so cold in there they avoided it. Needless to say anytime I see a beetle that fits the bill I panic a little.

I’m a logical person so I started to study cockroaches and how they reproduce. it’s no wonder than can infest a house before you even know they are there. When we moved back from that apartment it was January. I left all of my belongings out in the negative twenty degree weather for a couple of days in an effort to kill any hitch hikers or their eggs. They love cardboard boxes to lay their eggs in. Anyway, some survived. We were able to kill the babies and the few that made it but since then I have encountered two suspicious insects. The first was in my mother’s bathroom while we lived there and it is likely that if it was in fact a roach it road up with my husband as he had arrived the night before from NC. The second was about an hour ago in this very kitchen. I tried to really look at it and it did not match the pictures perfectly. It could have been a juvenile german roach but it might not have been.

The panic however, is because as much as I search I cannot find another bug that looks like a roach that is not. I do believe that if it was a roach it probably rode in on a package. We got a ton today because I ordered father’s day stuff. So that’s what I’m telling myself, but in the back of head I can still hear my Dad’s voice saying “For every one you see there are a million more you don’t” And the hyperventilation kicks back in.

If it comes down to it Orken is my man. I’m fairly certain this was nothing but since it scared the poo out of me I thought I would write it out. Now I don’t feel any better and you have some bugs to think about.


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