Dear Little Girl Next Door…

You can only be about four or five but you frighten me. You are fearless and see the world as a wondrous place full of fun and adventure. You follow our puppy over to our yard and I cannot help but think what if it was not our puppy. You see only the good in people. Your happiness is contagious and I can’t help but smile.

Behind my smile I hide my fear. All I can see of this world is danger lurking in the shadows. Monsters not under your bed or in your closets but in everyday places. The grocery store, maybe one of our neighbors, or even in your school. There are bullies and kidnappers and I can’t even say the rest. The monsters who are the worst. The ones who can take your very spirit. Wolves wearing grandma’s clothes and devouring little pigs.

But when I see you skipping along this way and that playing with your friends and being so sweet to my own child I cannot think of letting you know what is out there. Instead I keep an eye out as you play. I watch for wolves lurking, stalking at the edge of the wood.

I wish this world was only what you see of it. I wish all people were good and kind. I wish there were no wolves disguised as friendly faces. All I can see are wolves. They have over run us. Their reflective eyes are everywhere. I keep my children close and fear the day I have to trust the world with them. How do you prepare a child to watch for wolves without destroying their innocence?

First you have to try to see the good in people. Some of them are wolves. Many of them are not. Do what you can and pray that the huntsmen are watching out for the wolves.


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