With Two Year Olds Consistency Is Key

Logan has been a little terror lately! I do believe that, while some of it is just him being a two-year old and have a two-year olds temper, a good portion of it was because of me.

Now this is my first child so he’s like a test run on everything I have ever read seen and heard. Haha. Poor kid. Anyway, I was not being consistent with him. I have an issue where I can be persuaded in pretty much any direction if you have a convincing enough argument. Apparently, Logan noticed. I didn’t even see what was happening. I knew Logan was getting progressively more difficult and I even found my self wondering how I was going to make it to his fourth birthday. (Despite what they say the terrible twos is more of a two and half through three and a half thing. At least for boys) Until one night after spending the evening out with Logan at my Dad’s house. I had confided in my step mother, Tina, that things were not going so well. She kept noting how well-behaved he was being. It dawned on me that the problem was not with Logan but with me and my husband. We were the ones causing the problem.

My husband in anything but inconsistent. However, he is a little too strict at times and his ideas of what Logan can and cannot do are sometimes a little bit silly. LIke he doesn’t like it when Logan plays with one of those balls. All kids have them, they come from the grocery store or Wal-Mart and they are always in like a big bins or ball coral thing on the ceiling. I really hope that made sense. Anyway he doesn’t want Logan to use it in the house. I just make him roll it around in the kitchen. Why? Because if he has to go outside to play with that, I have to go outside and watch him. Which is fine on nice warm summer days but at night when it’s buggy or if its cold or rainy, I don’t think so. So I say keep it low.

So when I came home from my Dad’s house I sat down with Mike, honestly thinking it was all his fault. Ha Ha. The joke was on me though. He does need to lighten up and he acknowledged that but he brought up the fact that Logan was completely manipulating me. The perfect example would be when Logan was done eating his lunch the other day and he started to climb out of his high chair, which is not safe. Mike told him to sit back down, not acknowledging that Logan was trying to tell him he was done and wanted to get down. I rushed in and spoke to Logan while he was standing in his high chair and ended up putting him on the floor. The problem? I did not make him sit back down, I told him too but then listened when he explained he was done. So now every time he finishes his meal he thinks its ok to stand in his chair and yell for me if I’m not right there.

The solution? Always let your toddler know that you do understand what they are trying to say. I should have said “Logan, I understand that you would like to get down, but it is not safe for you to stand in your high chair.” Simple and to the point. Then I would have had him sit once he was sitting I could take him out. Seems a tad silly but really what is more important? Making your child sit only to take them out of the chair? Or your child’s safety and over all understanding of how things work. If there is ever a situation where Logan is in trouble and I told him to come to me and he didn’t because he wanted something else and he tried to argue with me, we would have a serious problem. Logan is getting it now. Do what Mom says when she says it then argue. We are all safer and happier for it. So thanks Tina and Mike. I couldn’t have figured it out without you.


2 thoughts on “With Two Year Olds Consistency Is Key

    • I am right there with you! Haha but what are ya gonna do? You have to keep with it! Thanks for the comment! Hope to hear from you again in the future.

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