Ok, bullying is all over the media all the time. I wasn’t going to write about it initially but I was reading Kendall F. Person’s blog and I will put a link in the bottom here for you view it yourself. That blog scared the crap out of me. Not because it was anything new or anything I did not know already, but because the story is about a normal teenaged boy. This is terrifying simply because I have two young sons. Two ordinary little boys. I think they are marvelous in every way but other people and especially kids can be cruel.

I think part of what terrifies me most is I do not on any level understand bullying. I do not get it. I never had to live through it I just don’t get it. The closest thing to bullying I ever experienced was on the bus my sophmore year of high school. My younger sister (an eighth grader at the time) came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder so I removed my headphones and she told me she had to get off the bus at the first stop. Since ours was one of the very last stops I frowned. She told me that a high schooler was picking on a fifth grader and the fifth grader was afraid to walk home alone since she and this alleged bully had the same stop. As a result I observed the situation and confronted the girl. She did lash out at me angrily. Claiming she was provoked and the fifth grader had it coming. I held my ground and apparently pissed her off since she asked a mutual friend to punch me in the face. Of course in high school that got my panties in a twist I was forever ready for her to become violent. Instead she bounded, quite happily, up to me one day and told me she had switched buses and the problem was resolved. So when I see these videos of bullying taking place with all these spectators and hearing about people who had no friends. I don’t get it. If my little sister and I were both willing to stand up for that girl why is no one willing to stand up for these other kids?

I think that bullies are only half of the problem. It’s like the priest says in the beginning of Boondock Saints “We must all fear evil men.But there is another kind of evil we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men”

Now I’m not saying bullies are evil exactly. But what they do could be considered evil and all the teachers and students who see it and do nothing… that to me is almost worse. Even when were in elementary school if someone was ever picked on who ever was there whoever saw it, there was no going to the teachers and there was no violence. It was simple. You told the bully to stop and hung out with the bullied for the rest of recess and it didn’t happen again.

I hope that when my children are in school they don’t get bullied. And I hope beyond hope that I am raising my boys so if they see someone being bullied, they will stand up and not let it continue. If parents and teachers are not willing to help us stop it then kids have to. Its sad but true. I would love to think that in a few years we will live in a world where bullying is a thing of the past. Unheard of even, but it is doubtful.

Here is the link I promised, I am not really sure how to do it hopefully this works.

Kendall F. Person AKA the public blogger



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