Teething Baby Vs Terrible Two’s Toddler Round One DING!

The Teething baby opens strong with a cry so fierce he begins to choke!

But the Terrible Two’s Toddler is not one to be defeated as he yells at the Baby resulting in a stern talking to.

He tries a different approach and plays with the Baby as Mom gets his breakfast ready. He even succeeds in making the Teething Baby laugh! Could it be over already?

No! The Teething Baby sees mom coming around the corner with breakfast and begins to wail once again!

The Toddler is trying a sneak attack by watching TV quietly as Mom tries to feed the Baby.

The Teething Baby refuses to be happy as he cries between every bite!

Breakfast is gone and Mom tries giving the baby puffs to feed himself.

It seems to be working until Mom enters the room again and the cries start all over.

The toddler is still trying to be good and politely asks for a cup of Milk.

Once the milk is received Mom takes the baby and puts him down for a nap!

The Toddler wins by a mile as he and Mom relax and watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates!!!


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