Memorial Day

Memorial day is big at our house. We have parades and four-wheeling and paintball and cookouts. It’s really big at our house haha BUT I wanted to take a moment to remember why we actually have the day off.

The parade is fun but those guys marching with their uniforms and the flags, they may not let you know it but it means the world to them that you come out and appreciate what they went through. My Papa Jim Naglie was in the Navy during Vietnam and while I do not know the details of what he did or what he was part of during that time I do know that when he returned home it was not to a grateful nation. A few years ago however, in Peterborough town hall his service was recognized and I will never forget the look on his face. There were tears in his eyes. If you have not fought over seas you don’t know what it’s like. I for one know this much from what my husband has told me. It sucks. It is not fun and they do not get paid anywhere near enough. That is why, today and every Memorial Day rather than looking forward to the three-day weekend, take a moment and think about all that you have so when those veterans come marching up the street you know exactly how grateful you are to them. When they play the Taps keep your kids silent and take off you baseball cap. Show them the respect they not only deserve, but they have earned over and over.

I would also like to take a moment to think specifically about the men and women currently serving. I know quite a few and each one knows exactly what they are fighting for and why. But it seems that a lot of us civilians have forgotten some how. Not all of us but certainly a large amount. So if you are wondering if you are among the lost after the parade today go ask a veteran. They will remind you.

I have heard many people say they support the troops but not the war and I have heard a lot of service members say that you cannot support them without supporting the war they are fighting. What I really want to get to are  the members of the church (I don’t know which church and if I did I wouldn’t give them the publicity of putting their name on the web) that boycotts military funerals. The reason I bring this up is really because of the motorcycle gangs who go the funerals and rev their engines so the families of those who gave all cannot hear the protests. This really upsets me. Not the motorcycles, but the protesters. I know, I know freedom of speech and what not but there is a line. And it has been crossed. I would really like to know at what point in our misguided history did it become OK to protest a funeral? Any funeral, never mind the funeral of the person who is fighting for your right to protest at all? And since when do motorcycle gangs have more common sense and dignity than church goers? What is the world coming to?

One of my biggest fears while my husband was deployed was obviously that he would get injured or worse. But every month or couple of weeks we would get emails about military funerals where the protesters would be. If you were in the area you went and helped keep the protesters away from the families. There was never any in my area and I am glad. I don’t entirely know what I would do if I came that close to someone so despicable.

I bring this up today of all days because some of the men and women we are remembering today, someones son or daughter or mother or father is being remembered today. We live in a time of war. And we need to remember those who fight for us everyday. Not just today and when you see them in the parade. They are out there fighting and training every single day. Their families are missing them and loving them sometimes from across the world. If you are lucky enough to have your husband or wife with you every night, I am happy for you I really am. I LOVE having my husband home. I actually find myself panicking if he is gone too long on a store run or he doesn’t come straight home after class. But when you see your loved one, husband, wife, son, daughter, and all the rest, just remember someone else is missing theirs. And someone will be missing them until their dying day.


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