Puppy Meets Pup

My older Brother J.R. is in the Navy and lives in Connecticut with his wife and their dog, a three-year old Scotty named Braden. They are also expecting their first baby!! But that’s not actually what I wanted to write about.

When they come up to visit they usually stay with us because we have pets and if they bring theirs it’s not really a big deal. This time however, they are staying at our sister’s place because she has a bed for J.R.’s wife to sleep in since she is pregnant. The cot we have for them just wont do. As anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you, sleep is hard enough to come by when you are in your own bed never mind a million year old cot.

So this morning I loaded up the kids and of course Ruby, our three-month old yellow lab puppy, and headed off to see them. Ruby and Braden were not yet acquainted and I thought this was as good a time as any to introduce them.

Well the second Ruby walked through the door Braden nipped at her. While we do not believe he bit her it was pretty much impossible to tell because she began to shriek and run about the house. J.R. promptly scolded Braden who then attempted to play nice with a friendly game of “Let’s sniff butt’s”. Well, Ruby would not let him near her. She continued to shriek and race about as if he were trying to devour her little soul. Poor thing.

Hopefully when she gets bigger they can reach an understanding but for now we just have to keep them separate or listen to her scream nonstop.


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