Quick Update on the Car!!

The problem MIGHT be the fuel pump! In fact it is very likely the fuel pump because we bought the last one at a parts store that shall remain nameless but is across the street from Mickey D’s in Jaffrey NH. *Stares pointedly at readers who live locally and should be aware* And it was not complete I guess so my big brother (aka my mobile mechanic) had to use some parts from the broken one and some from the new one hoping it would work out. Well I guess those old parts were really close to crapping out cause it worked for about a month.

SO anyway I ordered the new pump and all its bits so now we wait for them to come in and hope for the best!

For all of you who are sitting thinking, Just buy a new car already!, I will let you in a little secret…. We should have! But we didn’t! So now we have put so much into this car that its like we ran three miles of a four mile race. We might as well keep going so its not all for nothing! …. at least I hope its not.


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