The Downside to Not Having a “Real Job”

Last Wednesday I FINALLY got my car back after months of not having one. My wonderful Isuzu Rodeo which, we have had for the four years we have been married. You would think not too long for a car but, we bought it when we lived in NC while my husband was in the Marines and it was driven from NC to NH several times each year. So it has quite a few miles on it for a 2001. And it never failed us. Until yesterday. When we made  what should have been a two-hour trip to Nashua to get ingredients for a caramel apple pie ale which I really hope will be ready for the 4th of July. Anyway, the catalytic converter seems to be clogged so it stalls and loses power and essentially cannot be driven.

So I once again am without a car. This is where being a stay at home mom  really bites. Because I cannot simply use my income to go buy another car. We just bought my husband a car which is why I get the Isuzu. This exact scenario however, is why I wanted to buy another car after Mike’s first deployment. We could have had that car paid off by now and it wouldn’t really matter that the Isuzu is dying. But hindsight is 20/20.

Fortunately, I’m not one to be easily defeated. I will put my mind to it and figure out the best course of action. Currently I’m thinking I will get a job. My husband is going to college and we are currently living off his GI Bill. So he could watch the kids and I could work. This thought both thrills and terrifies me.

I am thrilled to be able to help my family but I am terrified of leaving my little ones in the care of someone else for eight hours every day. Even if that someone is my husband. He was deployed during most of Logan’s life and I am afraid he does not have the skill set to manage the terrible twos. And Lucian is not an easy baby. I love him but he is difficult and the idea of my husband in some of the situations I have found myself in are rather terrifying.

I know Mike can handle it and we have enough family around that he would have help if he really needed it. Well I guess I will bring it up when he gets home from doing Colors at the school. (Colors = when the veterans march the flags in and turn around and then they play the trumpets and march back out)

PS I just used the spell check on here and caught missed words and figured out that Isuzu is a car and not a misspelling. Why don’t they set up word processor spell checks the same way?!?!?


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