First Blog

 I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what I am doing. I have decided to try blogging for a couple reasons. The first is because I am writing a novel and it helps to make sure you write something every day. Practice makes perfect, ya know?

The other reason being my oldest son is two and a half, for those of you without children this is when the “Terrible Twos” Really starts for most boys. I also happen to be one of those lucky women who was blessed with two boys two years apart… so as soon as Logan reaches the end of this Lucian should be just about ready to take the first steps from being my sweet little baby to being a monstrous little demon. Plus I have a puppy, two cats and I am trying to figure out how to grow and can enough veggies for our little family to live on year round.

Also, just to make sure life is never dull my husband and I have decided to start brewing our own beer and wine and mead. So I should have plenty to share with every one! 


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